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HOW to use your STARTER KIT.

The starter kit document is editable – so you can open it once it arrives in your email inbox, add your own text and then save it to your computer, plus, print it out as many times as you wish. You may wish to print the separate sections individually too.

There is space so you can date the documents and update them as necessary over time. Keep an eye out in your inbox (or even junk mail for your link.

What do you do with them then?

Put them somewhere useful where you (and others,) can see them – e.g. on the fridge door or on a kitchen cupboard door so it is clearly visible and usable, everyday.

Keep the Emergency Contact List and Emergency Medical List  in your handbag or wallet – so in case of emergency it is easily found.

The Hospital Bag List is good on your dressing table or in a drawer where it can be easily located in case someone else needs to pack a bag for you.

Take another Hospital Bag List to hospital with you too – so you know what you should have with you, or keep one in the hospital bag ready for when you need it.

Tell others about where the documents are kept and what they are for.

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